Erritica Archives usually doesn’t disappoint. Emma in her shoot ‘Sprayed‘ is no exception.

Initial Naked Grade = A-

Naked Grading:
Was I right! You should probably join Errotica Archives today!

  • Face: You have a face that sometimes looks young and cute and sometimes oldry and sexy. Your hair is a little too bleached out for how tan you are. But your smile and eyes are all very pretty. B+
  • Breasts: Great size tits, but they lack definition from being too tan. Your big areolas blend in to your big breasts. They should stick out more, like your nipples do! Still, great chest girl! A-
  • Pussy: Your pussy may not be anything special in the real world, but these pictures make it look wonderful! There’s a lot more pictures of her shaved clam and wet pussy in this shoot. We see your lips spread to show some pink inside you. And your cum dam is shown in great detail! I just wish your pussy was less tan so its features were more striking. Sill, a wonderful pussy! A
  • Ass: Nice ass. Nice anus that is even more tan then the rest of you! A-
  • Others: Trim and young looking. Very nice hands and feet too. B+
  • Photo Quality: Rally nice. There is a playful use of bright light that intentionally washes out parts of some pictures. The closeups of your body are pin perfect. A.
  • Bonus Points: Everything was very well executed. You don’t need a bonus!

That averages out to an A-. Great naked grade Emma!

Naked Advice:

  • Tan less, or at least cover up your breasts and pussy a little more so there is some definition in those critical naked areas.

What Naked Grade would you give her? Comment above or give her a star rating below.

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3 thoughts on “Sprayed

  1. I love her long pussy lips. I’ll eat that delicious pussy for breakfast,lunch and supper and desserts. I grade her pussy A+

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