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Creamy Milky Naked Teen Denisa – MetArt

Denisa continues our Pussy Week with a vagina making a lot of girlcum! Hang on and get ready for a great body!

Initial Naked Grade = A-

Naked Grading:
Your girlcum is gorgeous! In fact, your whole naked body package is very nice too.

  • Face: Your face is good and pretty. Your eyes are very pretty and your hair is also above average. B
  • Breasts: Your tits are small. Not too small, but almost. Their size makes them perky and your areolas are not dark. They look nice enough. B
  • Pussy: The creamy wet pussy picture in the bottom center is wonderful! The girlcum your vagina produced that we see is beautiful because if make you real. Real girls have ‘messy’ vaginas sometimes. Rarely do we get to see a model who shows her vagina in a real world creamy wet situation. The other shots of your closed up clam are really nice too. A+
  • Ass: Your ass is fantastic. I do wish you would have shaved the hair around your anus though. It would help keep the idea alive that you enjoy things inside that hole too. A-
  • Others: Your feet are soft and clean. your skin is light and porcelain smooth. B+
  • Photo Quality: Very good. more closeups would be nice though. B+
  • Bonus Points: You showed us your vagina’s own made cum, so yes! +

That averages out to an A-

Naked Advice:

  • Keep showing us your ‘real’ pussy
  • Get more closeups of your best body parts
  • Shave around your anus

What Naked Grade would you give her? Comment above or give her a star rating below.

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Rating: 4.7/5 (6 votes cast)

Pussy Week – Very Young Naked Girl Gets Naughty!

Naked girls this young looking rarely expose themselves this much on camera. Thank the folks at Little Mutt for introducing us to Jessie Roger’s by joining (and seeing MORE of her naked young body!)

Initial Naked Grade = B-

Naked Grading:
I think you are doing the right thing by focusing people’s attention on your vagina and anus (your pussy).

  • Face: Your face is young looking and fun looking. That’s the good. The bad is that you have pimples or acne scars that is obviously covered up with bad makeup. While that does make you look eager and young, it is also harder to look at than nice smooth skin. B-
  • Breasts: Your tits are tiny! Way small. You know that. There’s not even enough breast meat to squeeze together. But you did the right thing my not tanning around your nipples. While your tits could be fun to suck on, maybe, there’s no ‘titty fucking’ possibility for guys. C-
  • Pussy: You finger your pussy for us, very nice. A dildo too – even better. Plus it looks young, tight, and pink. A
  • Ass: Nice Ass! Really great behind. The picture of you spreading your buttcheeks and opening up your anus hole and your vagina hole is wonderful! The glass dildo up your ass hole is a great touch too. That shows you could have anal sex. That’s a bonus especially since nobody would want to have their penis between your tiny ‘pre adolescent’ looking titties. But you didn’t shave all the hair off around your anus. That is a turn off. A-
  • Others: You are trim, but you have some skin issues. We don’t see enough of your body parts up close to really tell if they are helping your grade. B
  • Photo Quality: OK only. Some aspects are not perfectly focused. The overall color and quality is not up to highest standards. B-
  • Bonus Points: You deserve a bonus! Sure you have individual flaws, but overall you are a pretty and vivacious little teen that is anyone would be luck to see naked. +

That averages out to a B-

Naked Advice:

  • You are doing well with what assets you have. Use your pussy and your ass more.
  • Get better makeup and a sharper focus next time.
  • Shoot more of your naked body while you still look cute and young!

What Naked Grade would you give her? Comment above or give her a star rating below.

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Rating: 3.9/5 (18 votes cast)

Pussy Week – Sassy Teen Veronika Goes Nuts With Her Pussy!

Who needs sharks when you can have a nice naked girl and her pussy? Take Veronika from FTV Girls for instance. She uses her pussy for more than you think!

Initial Naked Grade = A-

Naked Grading:
I think anyone would be happy playing around with Veronika and her pussy! Very nice action shots here.

  • Face: Your face is not your strong suit. It is a little chubby and round. Your nose is a bit too big and protruded and your hair is straw-like and plain. C+
  • Breasts: I would expect somebody with your curvy body shape to have bigger breasts – they are a little small for your frame. However, I love your big erect nipples. I also like the shape of your tits. B
  • Pussy: Maybe we should take a moment to appreciate all the things you are doing in these three shoots to show off your fun pussy. Dildoing your vagina, and using a vibrator on your clit, check. Putting a garden hose inside your vagina and literally hosing it out with water, done. Fingering your vagina hole and anus hole with your fingers, yup. Spreading your legs, and your pussy lips apart, you bet! Showing us the sweet pink inner walls of your young wet vagina. Well, that’s enough for an A+ any day! A+
  • Ass: You do have a decent ass, and a nice anus inviting something to enter it, other than your finger. A
  • Others: Well, everyone is looking at and fantasizing about your pussy.
  • Photo Quality: Very good. Great poses, great action shots. A
  • Bonus Points: All the pussy props! +

That averages out to an A-. Great naked photo shoot for a plain looking girl with her clothes on. If you want to see more of the sample shots check these galleries and then join FTV Girls to get tons more of Veronika!

  1. Fingering her vagina and anus, dildoing her vagina, spreading her pussy lips wide.
  2. Sticking a garden hose up her vagina and cleaning her pussy out.
  3. Vibrating her clit to masturbate and showing her anus hole from the rear.

Naked Advice:

  • You can’t do much better! Just keep playing with your fun pussy!

What Naked Grade would you give her? Comment above or give her a star rating below.

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