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Almost Too Young Looking Elsa Gets Naked

Every so often a model comes along who is very young and innocent looking. Elsa is not an underage teen, but her body is very fresh and fun for her age. I think you’ll enjoy her whole body, not just her little teen pussy. She is a good reason to join MPL Studios. You’ll see more of her sweet body in a lot more more detail.

Initial Naked Grade = A-

Naked Grading:
I think your young body and face are your greatest naked assets right now. Keep it up! Just a little advice and you could have a near perfect naked grade.

  • Face: Your face is so innocent looking. You have a young and fresh look in your face, but you almost look scared in some pictures. Maybe you are just getting started modeling? No, you’ve got a lot of shoots at MPL Studios. So why not own your expressions of excitement more? Do you not like your smile? B
  • Breasts: Your tits are nice and perky for your size. They are small, but your nipples are puffy and your areolas are well defined. Your breasts help with your overall look of a very delicate girl, but delicate doesn’t mean vavavoom! A-
  • Pussy: You have a nice tight little pussy. Your pussy is a great reason to want higher resolution pictures from MPL Studios. For example, if someone really liked the look of you tiny pink pussy, they would discover that you use your fingers to spread your hole wide – giving us a peek inside her vagina in other shoots like these sample pictures show:
    We can see the pink inside of your pussy lips with some natural girlcum when you spread your lips apart in the first picture. We can see a little ways into your vagina hole and how tight a young vagina is in the second picture. You’ve shaved your clam clean and you’re willing to really get the camera close into your lovely holes. Magnificent! A+
  • Ass: Let’s be honest, most young girls have nice asses. Yours is no exception. Your butt is round and plump. Your anus is dark and inviting. It is a little wrinkled, but that doesn’t discourage fantasies. Your whole butt is very nice! A
  • Others: Yes, your fingers and fingernails are nicely manicured and really help show off parts of your naked body when you touch yourself. Like in the picture of you gently squeezing your puffy breast with your two fingers. Very nice. Your feet are soft and inviting too. Your body is thin and trim, but you are not too skinny or bony. Overall your body is very supple and nice. A
  • Photo Quality: Good quality. MPL Studios always produces high quality pictures of naked women. A
  • Bonus Points: For someone your age to be spreading your pussy lips apart so often, you deserve a bonus! +

That averages out to an A-. Extremely high for such a young girl like you!

Naked Advice:

  • You  look timid about getting naked and exposing your young body to the camera. If you seemed just a bit more into the photo shoot it would show. Smile! Have fun showing off your cute and tight little body!

What Naked Grade would you give her? Comment above or give her a star rating below.

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Rating: 4.2/5 (14 votes cast)

Tara – A Tiny Fresh Teen Getting Naked For You!

Naked girl Tara is a great reason to join MPL! Just look at her wonderful young teen body!!

Initial Naked Grade = A-

Naked Grading:
I am stunned, but not speechless! You are young, and hot, and absolutely gorgeous.

  • Face: Your face is young and soft. Your eyes, smile, soft lips, all are super cute! Your hair with those straight bangs though? Not ideal, but still cute. A
  • Breasts: Your tits are good for your little body frame, but they could be a little larger. And yet, they sag a little. Very odd. The picture of you holding your breasts is very nice, but it does show how your tits are not big enough for… you know. Also, why did you tan all of your tits? If you had some coloration to better define your nipples or areola it would do a lot to raise your breast score. B
  • Pussy: Your pussy is nice and fresh and tight. I like the picture of you laying on your back with your legs spread wide. We can see some wet girlcum between your pussy lips. So nice. Your pussy clam is very small, thin. When you spread your legs your clam opens up wide. I just wish you had not tanned your entire pussy! Your clam is small enough as it is. Why wouldn’t you want some definition to your pussy? Enough critique about a young girl’s tight pussy! A-
  • Ass: I like how you can bend basically in half and raise your ass to the sky! Very nice indeed. Your anus is dark and sexy too. Overall your ass is very nice. B+
  • Others: Your long lean legs are extremely sexy! Your feet are soft and without callouses too. From your pussy down you have a lot of sexy going on! A
  • Photo Quality: No complaints other than we could use some better backgrounds. A-
  • Bonus Points: Yes, you are so fresh looking that it would be foolish NOT to bonus you! +

That averages out to an A-

Naked Advice:

  • You should NOT TAN YOUR TITS OR PUSSY! Come on, you are fresh and tiny. You NEED some definition around your best assets.
  • Get a different haircut. It almost looks like you’re wearing a wig!
  • Keep posing and get better surroundings.

What Naked Grade would you give her? Comment above or give her a star rating below.

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Rating: 4.6/5 (18 votes cast)

Queen of Hearts

Alissa poses naked in ‘Queen of Hearts‘ from MPL Studios.

Initial Naked Grade = A-

Naked Grading:
Alissa is curvy and sexy, but she has room to improve.

  • Face: Her face is pretty flawless looking. She has some heavy mascara on and her hair is straight out of the 70s! She has a pretty face regardless of her hair and makeup. B+
  • Breasts: Her breasts are a nice size for her body. Her tits hang down just slightly on her chest. Her aerola are very puffy with nipples that dimple in. ‘Innie’ nipples aren’t the sexiest, but they do make her look young. A common belief is that younger women have puffy nipples and older women have hard nipples from more use. This is not necessarily true, but if it works in her favor while she is a teen, good fore her. Either way, these are clearly natural tits that look fun. A
  • Pussy: Her pussy is completely shaved and like her boobs, puffy looking. Her clam looks puffy in some pictures and deflated and wrinkled in others. Her pussy lips always look puffy and pink. Too bad we can’t see into her vagina though. B+
  • Others: She has a curvy body with all of her body parts working together to create a voluptuous and very sexy naked body. A
  • Photo Quality: Good quality pictures, some good poses too. B+
  • Bonus Points: None.

That averages out to an A-. Not bad, but she could do better with some inspiration.

Naked Advice:

  • For fun, take some pictures of your nipples really hard and erect by getting them cold.
  • Your pussy is pretty so show it off more. Spread your lips and get your vagina and anus into the mix of future pictures.
  • Tame that mane! Your hair is too fluffy and borderline frizzy.

What Naked Grade would you give her? Comment above or give her a star rating below.

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